Setting up my Samsung LE32R88BD 32" LCD and PS3 for HD films?

Found 16th Apr 2008
Just received Spiderman 3 blu-ray this morn (thx Gav_TT!), and stuck it in my PS3, btw this is the first time i have actaully seen a HD film running. Anyway flicked through some of the chapters and tbh the picture dosen't look any better than SD films i have?!

My sammy runs at 1080i but my Hitachi runs at 1080p, so i tried it on that and tbh it still looks just ok! Ive got the upscaler on the PS3 set to full and thats it tbh. I have noticed that on both TV's when im watching Virgin HD films/programmes they look like SD?!

It was only till the other day that i went to me dads who has a 42" LG and has Sky HD running, all the channels looked ok till he put that x-treme sports channel on Rush HD, now that looked absolutely stunning! So i think this is why im thinking to myself if a Sky programme can lookm like that then why can't a blu-ray look the same?

Is it my TV? sorry for not coming across better with my problem, got 3 kids here who are driving me crazy!!!

oops forgot to say that im running the PS3 through HDMI.

cheers for any help and sorry for the half arsed post!
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Try going into the system setup on your PS3 and setting it to 720p. I prefer the look of progressive scan for Bluray / DVD. Also calibrate the picture settings properly. No point watching a high def source if you have the colours and brightness set to maximum :-)

I have a 1080p set and it is a big difference. 720p should also look very good. If you can play 1080p that would be the best option. Press the info button on your TV to check what resolution is running while a Bluray is on.
In ps3 display settings make sure RGB full is enabled
Mode: Game Mode On
Contrast: 80
Brightness: 67
Sharpness: 50
Colour: 50
Tint: 50/50
Colour Tone: Cool1
Backlight: 7
Digital NR: Auto
DNle: On
Movie Plus: Off
HDMI Black Level: Low
Energy Saving: Off
Wow thx chaps! gotta make din dins for the brats! hehe thx again gonna check this out in full!
Gone for the one you listed jack, found the first PS3 settings that are on that AV forum a bit 2 dull tbh. My Virgin box where my PS3 is set up is only a standard box as the Virgin+ box is connected to my 1080p hitachi in the front room.

Anyway those settings make it look much better but not in the same league as that Rush HD channel though! gonna tinker on again!

oops yeah checked the info button on the sammy and its as this:


Picture standard
Sound Custom
1920x1080i @60hz
Game Mode On
jack_burt0n;1904228 whole thread just … whole thread just for your tv :P

you gotta love this thread
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