Setting up my wifi MESH network - do I really need put virgin hub into modem mode?

Posted 16th Dec 2022
Hi all, I've bought myself a 3 pack of Tenda Nova MW6

I've plugged all of them in, and have got it working.

At the minute, I've literally plugged an ethernet port from my virgin hub to the Tenda, so I my Virgin WiFi network is still working as normal too.

Do I really need to put my virgin hub in modem mode, or can I leave it as it is? I wouldn't mind still having the Virgin WiFi simultaneously just in case.

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    I would, you generally only want one device doing routing on your network otherwise you'll have a double NAT which can cause very annoying connection issues most famously with games consoles
    You could either put the Hub into modem only mode or put the mesh system into Access Point/Bridge Mode thus disabling it's routing functions, personally I'd do the modem only mode then you just have the simplicity of using your new router for any and all configuration and never have to think about the Hub again (edited)
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    I have mine on, it's a good way to switch from nova to virgin in case nova is playing up.
    Thanks for the reply, so you've just got the Nova plugged into the Virgin hub (as it was just a normal device)?
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    you may need to put the Tenda into access point mode (something like that) otherwise both teh Tenda and the virgin hub will be trying to do the job of routing the traffic which can lead to problems
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    I have just turned off the Virgin WiFi on the router and don't have it advertising. I have also put the tenda nova into bridge mode. Never really had any trouble and had them for about 2 years.
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    No you don't need to use modem mode. You can use the mesh just to extend wifi. If you want both in router mode disable dhcp and set a static IP for the mesh router.
    Set DMZ to the mesh router.

    Use modem mode imo.
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