Posted 25th Dec 2022

Please can anyone help?...
We bought both our kids switch's for xmas and have just spent the last 3hrs getting frustrated with the set up process!

Knowing nothing about Nintendo, we assumed the kids just created user id's (with an avatar and username)on their switch consoles which would then link to a parents nintendo family account (with a linked email address and password) where everyone would be able to access the purchased games but this doesn't appear to be the case at all?
It seems we need "Switch" accounts and "Nintendo" accounts and there are "Primary" and "Secondary" consoles. We don't understand any of the set up process or what has to be done from the switch and what is done online.

Please can anyone do a simple step by step to help and explain if everyone will be able to access games at the same time as this doesn't appear to be the case from what I've read this morning with the Primary and Secondary user thing although I don't know if a family account makes game sharing easier?

Right now I have 2 miserable children on Xmas day! - Thanks Nintendo for the over complicated setup!

Many thanks for your help in advance.
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    I've got the same issue. Set up account to find I've set them up as a parent account and downloaded a game to it.
    I need to know can I reset console under family account and redownload game or is it now locked to the parents account

    Fed up already
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    You create a parent account and then through the website you can create children's accounts

    Why don't you just let them play under your accounts for the time being so you don't waste any more of theirs and your day and then look at the kids account when they've gone to bed or a different day?
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    We’ve had Switches in our family for a couple of years and I’m still a bit confused the whole process, Nintendo definitely doesn’t make things easy and straightforward like Sony does.

    I’d agree with the suggestion above, just let your kids play with console’s today and enjoy them and then look at setting up the Nintendo accounts a bit later on. You’ll probably also want a Switch Online 12 Month Family Pass as well if they want to play games online.
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    Being in a Family Group doesn't allow game sharing
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    I believe the primary and secondary account doesn't allow the same game being played at the same time but it does allow the game to be shared on both devices, but being played at different times.

    It's not the same as the PS/Xbox game share.

    If you're looking for a cheap Nintendo family pass (£4/yr per person) let me know.
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    The useful thing to know is that an accounts Primary console allows any user profile on that console to play its purchased digital games.

    Knowing this you can share your games with someone else by making their console your Primary, but as your own console is no longer Primary it will need internet connection to check you're not already playing that game on the Primary. But this can be got-around by using the Primary console offline (turn Flight Mode on)
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