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Posted 13th Oct
OK I have a virgin Internet router superhub 2. I want to use this in modem mode only.

To which I have attached by home hub 6 (wifi not working)

To the home hub 6 I have attached the netgear nighawk router (wifi or lan not working)

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I am no expert in the matter so am curious to know why you need all three attached? Surely all you would need is the Superhub connected to the Netgear directly?
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That's gotta win a prize for most bizarre attempted configuration. What's the unique intended application / requirement for all that kit?
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Have you switched the SH2 into modem mode (in Admin settings)?

I guess you then want to connect this to the Nighthawk to use as a router (as this is likely to have the best wifi and be a more capable router).. Then connect the BT Homehub to the Nighthawk - this will need to be switched in the settings to use as an access point by turning off the DHCP -…678).

I have a SH3 switched as a modem and connected to a Nighthawk (R7800) as my router - I find this gives good wifi around the house without the need for any extenders/repeaters.
Here's my guess at how you'd do it but as I don't have any of the exact equipment so I can't tell you the exact menus and settings but think this might help you find a way through:

Connect the Netgear to the Virgin hub via the WAN port on the Netgear router and leave DHCP on.
The Home hub doesn't have a WAN port as it was not made for cable connections which is why we use the Netgear.

Go into the home hub routers setup and set a static IP for the router in the Netgear routers range i.e. if the Netgear router is at set the home hub to and turn DHCP off on the Home hub, it's not good to have more than 1 DHCP server on the network.

Connect the Home hub to the Netgear via normal LAN ports.

Go into the Netgear setup and set the address range in DHCP to something like - so the router won't assign the home hubs static address to another device by mistake.

You shouldn't need to change any of the WIFI settings, your original WIFI network SSID and password should work and the IP address will now come from the Netgear router regardless which network you are on.

Hope that helps... just seen Van1973 post which I repeat a lot of but had typed before seeing..
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