Setting up virgin media wireless router

I had my virgin media quick startup box delivered yesterday, phone and tv work fine. I put the cd for the wireless setup in my laptop and followed all the steps. When it came to the step saying checking internet connection, an error occurred. When i removed the cable from the laptop to the router i could find the wireless router with the name i had given it and it accepted the pass key that i had given it. but when i hover over the small computer in the corner it says local only, not local and internet. Please can someone help???



vm helpline - dial 150 (free)

Is this a Virgion CABLE setup or ADSL / phone line set up (Virgin do offer both).

If it is CABLE then make sure the wire that comes into your house goes into the modem, and the wire that comes out the modem goes into the back of the router (in the right socket).

Then a wire that comes OUT the router goes into your laptop.

Best to try to set it up with a WIRE first as this is easier (usually) and once you have proved the whole thing works THEN set up wi fi.
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