setting up xbox live

    hi guys....i have an xbox 360 connected to live and everything but my friend has an original xbox....just wondering how we could get the original to connect to live. we tried a few days a go and got up to the bit where you need a subscription code....i gave him a 48hr trial and it was accepted although it said there was a technical error and try again later...i was wondering what subscription i would need to set it up and whether the 48 hr trial was the reason it didnt work...we just need an account so he can play online! rep waiting


    a 48 hour trial isnt a full subscription. you will need at least a month sub for it to work on an original xbox.

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    thanks will a standard 360 live code work?

    yeh, but im not sure how to get it done though.
    Make a gamertag on the 360 and recover it on the original xbox maybe?

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    read on the internet that you cant do it... you need credit card details for like xbox.
    you can recover from xbox to 360
    but not from 360 to xbox

    is it worth the hassle?

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    yes just want to play some halo 2 ha

    Lol well good luck mate :thumbsup:
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