Shall I buy a steamer?

    I'm quite tempted to buy a steamer but I'm not certain if I'd really use it after the first week. Can someone give me advice? Do they make lots of steam in the kitchen? Do potatoes take ages....? Do you have to wrap fish and chicken in foil? Does fish make the whole house smell!??
    I'm thinking of the morphy richards 3 tier one, £22 on amazon, if anyone has any opinions on that one I'd appreciate it.
    Thanks for your thoughts


    I think the best and by far the most used according to reviews is the morphy richards intellisteamer.

    But depends on your budget I suppose.

    I found the stainless steel ones that you use on the hob are best. I only use it for veg:)

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    Yes, I saw the intellisteamer but it is a bit expensive, especially when I'm not sure if I am really going to use it! I suppose if I'd spent that much I'd have to. Also, most of the time there are just two of us so I thought a tiered one might be better as I'd just use one tier. Thanks for the thought though.

    I`ve had an electric steamer for years and wouldn`t be without it. I cook all the veg in it for about half and hour but I think the newer ones will be quicker. I also cook chicken in it for about 40 minutes and it`s really nice. Saves on the washing up too as not using as many pots.:thumbsup:

    I originally bought mine to cook rice in it, but use it most days for loads of other stuff now, wouldnt be without it.


    yeh me too, you can cook pasta, potatoes, rice in the bottom pan, and … yeh me too, you can cook pasta, potatoes, rice in the bottom pan, and your other veggies above:)I'm on my own, so I got a small one from ASDA £9.99

    Best £10 I ever spent on something for the kitchen:)

    I've got a £19.99 steamer and use it all the time for my veg. I have to admit that when I got my first one for our wedding it sat in the cupboard for about 5yrs before I got it out to use but ever since, it's been used on a weekly basis and I'm now onto number 2.

    I've got an electric one which cost about 20 quid. What a difference it makes when making a sunday roast. All the veg and potatoes go in, and 45 mins later, they are done.I used to have about 4 or five pans on the go (which all needed places to live and to be washed) Nowadays I just switch it on and away you go. I cook my joint in the oven. and don't like the idea of steamed meat, but foe veg alone, it's well worth the money

    Best way to cook dumplings and suet puddings weve found is in a steamer
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