i work in a residential care home for the elderly and alot of the old people have got colds or chest infections and so have the staff, i was hoping i wouldnt catch it but i have and i feel like crap, i dont really want to let the staff down as were short staffed at the moment but on the other hand dont want to spend 8 hours in a warm care home feeling like death and spreading my germs to more of the old people, what should i do???


    dont go in, its not worth the risk

    best for them if you dont, you woundnt wanna be responsible for someone elderly getting poorly cos of you

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    thats what i think but the other staff who have had colds have been in which i think is daft as thats why the germs keep spreading about, the managers one of those who will say "its only a cold" as she never has time off, but when i have a cold i really feel bad and i dont wana get out of bed !!

    Go in. In a few weeks you will be thanking your self with less work.

    saw some women on tv last week saying someone with a cold virus in a train carriage
    can spread it to everyone in there in no-time.

    Frail old people with failing immune systems + viruses = long sleep !


    Go in. In a few weeks you will be thanking your self with less work.

    Cruel,very cruel :w00t::p
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