debs and that irish copper thats wrong


Iwouldnt Say No

oh yes

Your English that wrong

Paddy and Mimi dancing:giggle::giggle:

laughs at the tounge

what happened at the end of the ep on C4? was he not dead or something?

Original Poster Banned

not dead

bloody hell.... it's getting stupid again- remember when Paddy was genuinely feared, he was a great character. Now he's a bit of a fool. Not dead eh, what a waste of a storyline!

didnt see debbie and tom coming!

Debs and Tom is a bit wrong, but the "in the next episode" bit shows it goes all awry.
And he's a copper, so depends, is he wanting to leave the show and getting written out ?

The guy turning up alive was really stupid imo as well.

Does anyone actually like this season. I have s1,2,3 on dvd and I think they are the best. 4 and 5 have been lacking. Probably because all the characters have done a runner. I've even disliked frank alot in this season

Theres not been anything going on in it i think.

As you say a lot of characters are gone, but theres nothing really came into it to fill in.
Theres no long-running story lines happening, the Deb and Tom thing looks like it will fizzle out after 1 and a bit episodes.
The stories are running by the episode now, rather than going throughout the season.

Needs somethign to liven it up a bit.

no need to watch Shameless tonight then... :roll:

They need to give up on it- but C4 built a set and signed up for another four series a while back- they prob make enough on the DVDs to cover it though. Remember Teachers on C4? That did the same- by the end of S4 most of the characters had left- some written out stupidly exactly like Shameless- and some disappeared (where the hell did Lip go, back to uni to never be spoken about again?) and s4 was utter rubbish.
To be fair theres still a few decent characters left, the bird in the pub and Ian are good, The guy with the scruffy long hair who used to be in Emmerdale is funny (in emerdale he had a big storyline when he lost a finger in a thresher accident, they couldnt be bothered to find new ways to cover his hand up so it eventually just grew back I suppose) and there have been a few good episodes this series- but if I miss it now, im not bothered- before id watch every episode without fail.

I miss martin, the guy with tourettes .... he was very funny!

shameless isnt as good as it was but its still compulsory viewing for me

its Marc;1780284

I miss martin, the guy with tourettes .... he was very funny!shameless … I miss martin, the guy with tourettes .... he was very funny!shameless isnt as good as it was but its still compulsory viewing for me

Agree 100%.... Bring back Marty "Stupid Bitch" Fisher

The episode where Paddy's gay identical twin was in the police cell overnight was brilliant.
He ended up giving pleasure to one of the PC's and everyone thought it was Paddy.
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