shameless or royal family decide

whatsthe best im with jim royal but shameless is **** hot to



Royle Family.

Shameless without a doubt


Shameless - absolute class!

Shameless.....more real life and FAF

Actors in it are amazing

Original Poster

I cant comment on this thread they are both jennies:thumbsup:

The Royle Family is classic TV imo - not too sure about Shameless. Only watched it a couple of times and it seems to try to hard (note the spelling of Royle btw :thumbsup:)

Shameless is everything thats wrong with the UK imo

Royle Family, genious. Simple and easy to watch!

Make poverty history, cheaper drugs now!

Shameless for me. dont like royle family


Make poverty history, cheaper drugs now!


Don't get me wrong I love the Royle Family but of the two I pick Shameless

Shameles but Two pints of lager and a Packet of crisps is ber that both IMO

shameless ftw, not as good since kev left tho



the simpsons


shameless, i never get bored of watching it
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