Shape Sorter for babies

    i want to give my little un a pressie on one condition that it aids her development.

    so i decided i need to give her a shape sorter

    on this premise i visited a number of shops today toysrus, ELC, mothercare, woolies etc.

    and all the shape sorters i saw were CR*P !

    they were all rubbish. i tried so hard in vain to find the shape sorter which i saw many years ago, which i had as a child which actually occupied and engaged my eldest many years ago.

    THIS IS what i was after!!!…988

    a decent shape sorter without the bells and whistles which doesnt detract from its main function of helping lillte un's understand shapes with a myriad of fancy colours and funky noises!

    anyone know any shops that do them still?!


    I'm not sure if Tupperware was ever sold in shops over here :thinking: and party plan has now stopped so you're not likely to find one new. If you're dead set on it, second hand on e bay is your best bet.

    Other wise ]Amazon have some nice plain ones

    Hi , if you have a B & M store nearby they had the old fashioned round shape sorters the other week.

    Oh I remember those shape sorters, forever getting your fingers trapped!

    My little one loves her shape sorter, it is very similar to the old style tupperware ones but much better as the pieces just come out of an opening at one end and it has more colours, great for colour co-ordination. I have it in front of me but there is no make on it and the packaging was recycled long ago! Having a quick look around, saw one under item no 180205612187 if that helps! :thumbsup: Hours of fun!

    Another one as item no 270204268977 too (says it was a Tesco one)

    You can now buy UK Tupperware again- not this imported lower quality stuff.…tml
    I used to be a UK consultant til recently (sadly no longer)
    If you contact head office on:
    [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Tupperware Uk ltd (Westim)[/SIZE][/FONT]
    Telephone 01483 487842
    E Mail [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]
    They should be able to put you in touch with a local consultant who can get you a new shape-o with guarantee
    Hope this helps
    (PS: dont know why they are now listed as Westim?...must have been a recent change)

    Just got back from Morrisons and we saw something similar in there for about £4
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