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Found 5th May 2018
I was looking for share Advisor for investments in UK equity and came across the motley Fool ltd...fool.co.uk/order/ did any one use there services?Thanks in advance for your valuable inputs...
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Never used them but looked at their reviews and most are negative
Not a great name for a company that people give their money to lol
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Fool has been around for a long time, it’s a finance website and used to be quite good. But remember any finance site that recommended shares is someone opinion and you need to do your own homework. Most times once it’s in the news the share price has already taken into account what you are reading by the time you are reading it.
There is no 100% accurate website for share recommendations . Motleyfool has been around a long time and provides info for those who have an understanding of buying and selling of shares , along with many other sites .

I would respectfully suggest that you spend some time researching all sites before committing your hard earned to the recommendations of any one site .
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