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Posted 2nd May 2015
What does Tesco Ord 5p or Lloyds TSB Ord 10p mean?

Tesco is currently at £2.25p per share and Lloyds TSB at 82.27p a share

Does this mean if we were to buy we are buy eg an ordinary tesco share valued at 5p for £2.25 and likewise an ordinary share at TSB valued at 10p at 82.27p? Is this on the hope they are converted into actual shares?

What does an ordinary share mean? An illustrative example would be awesome. Thanks

Sorry I have also googled but just wanted to know as I'm intrigued. Not buying just intrigued with what this means.

Thanks for your help
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An ordinary 10p share is a purely nominal description and has nothing to do to do with the current or future value , its just the way a companies shares are described . The only use I have seen of it is when you have stock splits etc and you have Ordinary shares , Class A shares etc to denote a different type of share .

Maybe it started in the early days of shares when you probably could buy 100 1 groat shares in something and if the scheme went well you may get back 10 groats per share from your investment .…tml
Different classes of shares have different voting rights.…455
Years ago companies use to have Authorised Capital where they could have so many shares up to a limit, but didn't have to issue them all at once. So 1,000,000 10p shares would give the company an authorised capital of £100,000.
The 10p in this case is a nominal value, and the shares could trade at any value the market places tham at.
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