Share your Christmas Photos with us all!

    Hey all,

    Haven't seen a thread like this yet but no doubt some of you will have took some cracking photos while its been snowing.

    I, myself managed to build a decent snowman so thought everyone would like to see it.

    If anyone else has some good festive photos from the past week or so then please share them.

    Merry Christmas to all you HUKD'ers too ;-)


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    The Snowman, he's called Kevin.
    The scene from a place in St. Helens. All that is a lake, but its all iced up!

    Very arty Stevey - what is it? :lol:


    Kevin looks like me after a few

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    Haha Kevin took a lot of work. Everything used there I found rummaging in bushes and trees haha.

    Borolad that pic is great. My dog loves the snow, think all of them do.

    lol i love kevin!

    i was going to build one but after helping prepare dinner and present wrapping i couldnt be bothered

    ugliest snowman ever! but cute in a funny kind of way:oops:

    Arrghhh do not know how to post a piccie...



    Arrghhh do not know how to post a piccie...

    This is a link, made by rayman, which explains how to add images in great detail : -…hr/
    Or follow the link in my signature.

    :lol: pmsl @ kevin, brill pic :thumbsup:

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    Cheers guys for the appreciation of Kevin. He took a lot of work, very rare that my creative side comes out but I think he came out OK today.

    'tis the season of daft hats

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    Ginner: Your photo.

    There you go mate. Looks great.


    [QUOTE=andywedge;7323468]Not me honest :whistling:

    Is it true that owners of snowmen start to look like their snowman?

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    Great pics them. Wendy56, lovin the chickens having a mooch in the snow.

    Will one of them be in the oven over Christmas?


    Not me honest :whistling:

    It's you

    cute kid andy

    front of house

    and back of house
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