Shared Spotify account

    Gathering interest for a chance to be in a Spotify group. Anyone interested give me a shout please.



    monthly payment or year upfront? interested in monthly via PayPal gift or standing order

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    Just the £30 up front so I'm not left hanging

    Yes. Happy to pay upfront

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    Happy days, 1 down 4 more to go

    What if everyone wants to be on at the same time, how you gonna decide who gets priority?

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    It's a full account you'll get. Family let's you have 6 full accounts. So me and 5 others basically

    £30 for the year is it?

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    yeah mate, £2.50 x12 = £30. its all legit, just check their website. i just dont want to pay a tenner for an individual account. rather get a family account and dish out the other 5 accounts and it gets it down to £30 each for the year

    Count me in, happy to pay upfront.

    I would have one. Paypal gift

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    3 accounts left folks

    Be great if we could set this up tonight as I have tried several times to get in but always end up missing the "sign up" part - Happy to send the £30 right now if need be.

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    make that 2

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    you need to turn on PM's mate

    I'm down for a slot.. Pm me your paypal

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    still saying not enabled?

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    i have sent messages to everyone asking so should almost be complete now

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    for those with the account set up, i recommend you go into your preferences and turn off 'Spotify Ad Partner Preferences.'

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    DaveandPauline, and arsestar just gimme a shout to make sure you got the invite. Cheers

    I've got the invite, it comes to this screen..

    Congratulations! You are about to join the family plan of rmjonny.

    To confirm that all members of the plan are part of a family, please enter your address below.

    Do I just put my address in?
    Edited by: "arsestar" 12th May

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    ok, ill send you my address in pm

    All sorted. Cheers mate!

    All good this end. Nice one rmj.

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    2 free slots. first come first served

    I will take one

    I'm up for that if there's still any spare

    Just buy one on Tor for £1.50. I've been using 2 accounts that I bought for £3.00 for the last year and a half.

    On a 30 day trial should i delete before signing up
    to family group


    i have sent messages to everyone asking so should almost be complete now

    Payment sent mate

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    *******All Subscriptions now taken*******

    My student account is up this month, up for another family account
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