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    Just a suggestion, Shouldn't we have a discussion for any investment tips and ideas?


    Take a look at Jubilee Platinum and EMED (who want to open an old rio tinto mine in Spain) both interesting mining stocks.

    As I always say DYOR - do your own research.

    My advise is buy low, sell high.

    Agree with the OP but realised that threads can get nasty when people are losing money and people are laughing about it, or they ramp a share then dump once average PI's have invested, taking there profits and leaving the PI with a loss.
    I couldnt find the 15p RBS share thread, but there was some decent info in that thread, especially from daytrader, he certainly knows his stuff.
    Just for your info, Im currently very heavily invested in commodities, mainly in oil and gas companies but also have a few others such as nickel, ammonium phosphate. I am interested in biotech as well as I feel this will be lead to a revolutionary new approach to healthcare within 10-20 years, so in a couple of biotech stock.
    My vision is that although there is a global recession we have a increasing global population and once the economies recover then commodities will test new highs than those seen in 2007/08 as demand will outstrip supply.
    My investment strategy is too hold these stocks for 2-3 years hoping that theyll pay off my mortgage before im 30, lol
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