Sharing internet connection from desktop pc to xbox 360

    I really want to play my 360 online but dont have a long enough ethernet cable, or such.

    All the guides I see are for sharing when you have a usb modem.


    I'd get a longer Ethernet cable then, about £5 buys a 15 foot cable!!

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    I do have a long cable somewhere I think, I found a few when I moved but I think I gave it away.

    Its all due to that darn router not letting me use wep or id use my linksys wireless adaptor

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    I do have another router so maybe I can bridge it.

    I went down this route first to hooking mine up, but the difference being it was Router > PC > Xbox. I bought one of the Edimax 5-Port ethernet switches, so now its.

    Router > Edimax Switch - PC
    Xbox 360

    The USB modem guides should work, all you need to do is use your outgoing internet connection in place of the usb modem connection.

    For example, if you use a wireless connection for your internet and have the 360 connection via a wired ethernet cable all you need to do is start the create new network wizard, choose the option "This computer connects directly to the internet" (so it thinks your wireless connection is the only outgoing one) and allow the LAN card to use that connection. You should then have ICS up and running with your Xbox going through the PC.

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