Sharing things between ipods

    Is there a way that you can share things betweeb ipod touch's ?

    I purchased some tv programmes and a friend wants them on his ipod, is there a way i can put them onto his ipod as well as mine ?


    Not sure if it will work for tv programmes but I downloaded an app called 'bump'.

    It allows the transfer of data between ipods. As I say, not sure on tv programmes but works on info (contacts/facebook etc)

    Yeah you can just use sharepod

    +1 on Sharepod, plus it runs directly from the ipod so it doesn't matter what PC you plug it into, it's always there.

    Would the sharepod work on iPhone to iPod touch? Thanks


    Would the sharepod work on iPhone to iPod touch? Thanks

    Should do. I don't see any reason why not. An iPhone is just an iPod after all.

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    Thanks will give sharepod a go

    Thank you will give it a go!

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    After downloading sharepod, i can copy from the ipod to computer, but when i try to transfer from computer to ipod i get an error message 'your ipod is not writable.

    Anyone know why this is and how to rectify it
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