Shark iz300UK Vacuum Cleaner - is it any good? (compared to the competition)

Posted 9th Jan 2023
I'm in the market for a new vacuum cleaner & I've heard good things about Shark.
Looking around, I've seen the iz300uk is currently available for £250 (Currys or Argos) and was wondering if its a good choice for the money (my budget is £250 > £300)
I've always considered getting a Dyson but I've hear far too many people complain about them - especially when it comes to faults. Plus they are a lot more expensive.
My house is 50% hard floor & 50% carpet. So the fact that you dont need to change the head to suit the floor type with the Shark is a real bonus. Addtionally, I have no pets.
So, if theres anyone out there thats using one of these, I would love to here your feedback.
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    I recently bought the Shark NV702UKT brand new from their eBay shop, I would recommend this model…563
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    I’ve got the shark NV620UKTSB. It is the lift off model. I personally don’t recommend it. In fact I hate it. I’ve always had dyson and heard so much about how good shark are. Yes it does clean the house well but for me personally it is no good.
    It is far too heavy to move around. Also I am only 5ft 4in and the length of the handle makes it unusable for me. You can’t shorten the height of it and therefore it makes it very awkward to use.
    I am going to sell mine and go back to dyson. (edited)
    Far enough, however, for me the height wouldnt be a problem, I'm 6ft, my wife is 6ft 2" & my 14 yo lad is just over 6ft!! (we eat our greens!!)
    Also the weight of the iZ300uk is a lot less than your version (4.5kg vs 7kg)
    For me, Performance is more important than height or weight.
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    I bought this in January last year.
    I hate it, wife hates it, kids hate it.

    Horrible to manoeuvre, useless accessories included, need to purchase multiple extra heads and the filters are terrible.

    We have a small Jack Russel wire hair and the anti tangle brush doesn't fill with hair...but the vacuum head clogs and then I have to take it apart to clean.

    I would not buy a shark ever again. CS were useless when discussing with them shortly after purchase.

    I previously had a Dyson cylinder vac to pull along and I would give anything to have it back. Perhaps those who love Shark (and I know they're many) haven't had the Dyson quality machine before and are over the moon it's better than the £100 models previously owned.
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    I have Dyson Animal because of pet hairs it is very good.Came with 5 years guarantee (edited)