Shark vacuum warranty

Posted 26th Dec 2019

Just wanted to know what shark warranty is like etc. I’ve read online that if there is an issue you have to return the vacuum to Leeds at your own cost.

Is this true? Has anyone experienced what their customer service is like in the event that they’ve had a faulty vacuum

Thanks in advance
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I was lucky enough to sort an issue I had myself but when I rang them about warranty I was advice the 5 year old isn't valid as I didn't buy direct from them or their eBay store, just bare that in mind.
My mum chucked out the crevice tool she thought it belonged to the old vacuum so called them and they sent one out. I had an issue with the head. They just sent another one out. The new head has the same issue now, will need to call them again. And btw bought mine from Argos came with 5 year warranty I even checked with them if I had 5 years because I actually signed up after the 30days they give to get 5 years.
I had a broken part they no longer sold online. I contacted them and they sent me an entire new vacuum even though I was outwith the warranty! Their customer service is excellent
Consumer obligations within 6months of purchase are with the merchant. The merchant may have longer obligations if you can prove fault was present at day one, but by 6m+ you would likely be looking to claim against what this manufacturer describes as its "free parts and labour guarantee" which has 5yrs duration if product registered with manufacturer within 30days of purchase. It is serviced by a return arrangement where:
" must pay the cost of delivery to our repair facility..." (likely Leeds UK) "We will pay the cost of delivery (return to the consumer)..."…ns/
Mine was about 3 years old and motor started making weird noise. Spoke on phone and without hesitation, and new motor sent out. Told me to throw out old one. First rate service
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Crevice tool broke within a month. Fobbed me off with a link to buy a new one for £18 and said it isn't covered under warranty. Its very poor quality compared to the actual vacuum.
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