SHARP LC42XD1E 42" HD Ready 1080p digital LCD TV or Similar!

    Basically, Sister is looking for one of these as their very old 32" (massive) TV went bust.

    Need a TV urgently, they are willing to spend up to £1,000 and have found the SHARP LC42XD1E 42" HD Ready 1080p digital LCD TV which is £998 I think at Currys.

    But after a quick search I have found this for £840 @ Martin Dawes.

    Anywhere cheaper than this? Surely there is a better TV at this price? Anything upto £1,000, must be 42" and have good resolution.

    Oh, and LCD please. Can't be bothered to check what the differences are again but they insist on that, so, Plasma's are a no no for them!

    Any advice or suggesstions is welcome :thumbsup:



    Try this site and click on 42" - some branded tvs eg Philips, Toshiba etc for around £700

    If you are near an Empire Direct store you can pick up the Sharp for £810 if the 10% off code is still working (and you can get 2% quidco)

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    Thanks, let me just check this site out for codes. can you use codes in-store?

    The Samsung M87 should be a similar price and has more compatibility.
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