Shaun of the dead

    Shaun of the dead is on tonight ITV1 (london) for scotland on virgin media it is 853 just wondering who else is watching could post comments on movie as we see it



    its on every other week lol

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    i know but i always miss it so i made this thread to remind me , because i was bored and for the original reason in first post

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    thanks for tellin me i will edit

    havent watched that in ages


    I love this film and I don't usually like comedies - have watched it too many times now though :-D

    Why would you post comments as you watch it? Seems a bit odd. Can't you just sit and enjoy it?

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    u can but if you want to share your views as it is showen then feel free also eight legged freaks is on itv4 right now

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    oh dear............:oops:

    ......EPIC THREAD FAIL!!!!!
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