Shaun White Snowboarding

    Does anybody have this?
    If so would you recomend it?
    Whats the online like?


    Add 'stoffin' thats his tag, he loves sW SNOWBOARDING.... not got it personally but heard its immense dilemma?

    Original Poster

    I cant decide, because the reviews dont seem very good!

    Wanna buy mine?

    Original Poster

    Is it bad?

    If in doubt, don't buy!

    I wouldnt buy it. I havnt played it but most reviews have not been good

    my son really wants this if anyone wants to sell theirs!


    It's not as good as Amped 3 .

    i need it on the wii... is urs on the wii? if so asda are doing it for 24 so if u want to lower ur price i might be interested

    for 24 quid ive ordered from asda, cheers anyway

    General reviews are okay on wii but dreadful on anything else.
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