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Found 10th Feb 2018
Hi guys, Does anyone have a shaving subscription? started to look into them and there are many out there like dollar shave club ect. are there any pro's or con's to them. and which would you recommend if you have tried a few. cheers everyone
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Seems unnecessary to me, I'm stocked up when discounts are on and wouldn't need a subscription.
Me to. I just buy mach 3 razor heads from cheap sale deals as and when. Signing up folks to monthly subscriptions is a business strategy that's really taking hold. Be suspicious and think carefully or you will just end up spending a fortune when there is no need
I use DORCO. Excellent razors for a brilliant price.
I also use Dorco.

Never buy at full price though as they have offers on all of the time.
Just buy an electric shaver. Save all round!
Where the money is made on subscriptions is after the hook you in on cheap sign up offers, the actual monthly costs then become expensive compared to the main players. Great if you don’t keep your eye out for offers on Gillette but just stock up when they are in offer and you save more than the subscription. Saw a new one the other day, couple of quid then £8 a month. Now I have strong beard and get half a shave out of the old disposable twin type blades but a pack of fusion lasts a couple of months and pay £5 to £8 for the pack of blades. So would I pay £8 a month on a subscription no chance.
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Buy an IPL machine and use it each fortnight after shaving, within months you will never need to shave again. Women do it so why not men.
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