Shazam on Nokia N8?

Trying to download Shazam (the app which tells you which song is playing!) onto my Nokia N8. A friend has got it on their n8, yet it is not on the ovi store website? Any help would be much appreciated.


i got it off Ovi store?

Edit: No its not there - just did a quick Google and someone said to install 'Tunewiki' and when you use that then an advert should pop up for shazam
This is probably what I did as I did install Tunewiki when I first got the phone and only downloaded Shazam recently

Either do it this way or download it as a Sis/Sisx file on you computer and then drag it over to your phone.

The app isn't as good as the iphone one though, it won't let you even save a song unless you have internet connection - on my iphone I can save a song whilst i am out and tag it later on at home

Hope this helps

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Thanks. will give it a go later :-)
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