Shed thread pays off in rechargables

    so I ordered the 2 different sized sheds and got £20 for free
    went in yesterday and found the uniross 4x700mah AAA & 4x2100mah AA for just £2 (with chargers, got knows what I'll do with 10 chargers!!!)

    try to buy a shed cheap and end up with 40 batteries for free!!!

    thanks to both posts

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    I gave my voucher away, was rather annoyed that I didn't hear from them for ages... then i had my money refunded... still didn't hear from them... had a massive rant one night about pricing errors online... the following day i got my voucher!
    I think it's the nicest thing a company has done way of apology to me.... not that I compalied/ or do complain about bits...
    You got a good buy... sell the bits on ebay!
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