Sheep gets stuck on roof of house (with photos!)

Found 2nd Aug 2008
Firefighters got a surprise when they were called to rescue a sheep from the roof of a house in North Yorkshire.

The sheep got onto the roof after climbing onto a kennel and a shed before getting onto the low roof of an adjoining building. It then made a short leap on to the roof of a house in the village of Middlesmoor, North Yorkshire.

Fire crews tried to rescue the sheep but it eventually fell from the roof and suffered a broken leg. The animal was left with a local farmer so it could be treated.

Officers who took part in the rescue attempt were unavailable for comment but their colleague Paul Ferguson, a watch manager at Harrogate Fire Station, said: "It's the first time I've heard of having to rescue an animal from a roof! It would have been a difficult situation because you can't know how the sheep is going to behave in those circumstances and obviously it took the wrong course of action. I would imagine the officer in charge had little hope of getting a safe situation for the sheep because of its nervous behaviour."

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must have been feeling sheepish or simply baa-rking mad
i went to Pakistan once and i was shocked to see one running up our flight of stairs, mind i was 12
I woke up once with one!!!! :?

I woke up once with one!!!! :?

Was it still alive?

It was obviously a wooly jumper to get up there....
when it says its being treated it means marinated
It should have finished the free running course - looks a bit of a woolly jumper up there.
He/she must have heard that they were having lamb chops for tea or he/she smelt the mint sauce
I love this story and all the picture's and cartoon :giggle:
Probably trying to escape a randy farmers son. :-D

Probably trying to escape a randy farmers son. :-D

You've missed out welsh :giggle:
very sheep jokes on here
Could have been worse, could have been a Fiddler on the roof... BOOM BOOM
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