Sheer Cover Make up???

Found 3rd Jan 2012
I was watching early morning TV and Sheer Cover Make up was being heavily advertised. I was seriously thinking of purchasing it but I don't want to buy more products that don't work !!!

Has anyone tried this brand? Does the make up give you a natural glow or is it all just advertising?

any recommendations appreciated
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I bought it awhile back, its good, not a lot of it but a little goes a long way. In my opinion there are the same and better to be found on the highstreet. If you have a boots card, get the points by shopping in there.

No 7, do an inexpensive mineral powder. Just remember a little goes a long way.
Swirl, tap, tap tap before applying.

That link gives details on ten mineral products.
Bought Doris that JML Magic Minerals stuff for Christmas as she says it works a treat...

Wilkos sell it for £20.00 (as do most other JML stockists i.e, ASDA) or you can buy it marginally cheaper at Amazon too.
I tried sheer cover a few years back and hated it, its far too thick for my liking.
I have used bare escentuals/bareminerals for years and it looks natural and great. It's expensive but well worth it. If you go to a concession in debenhams they will give you a free sample and brush. If you can't get a sample let me know and I'll send you one as I've got a few.
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Bare Escentuals are a far superior product to Sheer Cover.
I would go for the Bare minerals rather than Sheer cover - starter kits are good to see which colour you like - feelunique.com/p/B…ium

I thought the No 7 one was okay, choosing the right colour is important, I have a pale colour which is just right at this time of the year.
I use bare minerals and have had so many positive comments since I started using it. I purchase from qvc (on-line and through topcashback) or in selfridges or a local beauty salon.

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