Sheffield Rock/Indie Bars

I'm going to University in September and wanted to try and send a few CV's off soon to try and get a bar job somewhere before they have tonnes of applications.

Thought I would see if anyone knew and Rock or Indie bars or clubs they I could contact. Preferably somewhere with a lot of live music on.

My last bar job just had a jukebox and the music was dire! Fancy somewhere I can enjoy more whilst I'm working.

My accomodation is at the Endcliff Village, not sure where if is in relation to everywhere but I'd be willing to travel a bit.

Any advice welcomed.



Lead Mill... (presuming it's still there)

Leadmill....all the decent ones are dead and buried having been replaced by the generic chains,but there are a few crap ones about

Don't bother sending in applications btw...just do a walk round of all the bars with a cv...only real way to get a student bar job in sheff

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from wikipedia

Live music venues in the city include the Harley Hotel, Leadmill, West Street Live, the Boardwalk, Dove & Rainbow, The Casbah, The Cremorne, Corporation, New Barrack Tavern, The Runaway Girl, the City Hall, the University of Sheffield, the Studio Theatre at the Crucible Theatre, the O2 Academy Sheffield, and The Grapes

Leadmill, O2 Academy, Corporation, Casbah. Theres quite a few. Or even Student Union

Corp! and if your brave neiche has reopened
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I'd forgotton about all these haunts. I loved Sheffield by night


Corp! and if your brave neiche has reopened

Yeah Niche reopened and I'm sure I read there was another stabbing last week or something. I'd give that one a miss.
Theres loads of decent pubs on West St anyway

i used to live next door to nieche before it reopened, was soo glad to be away from that place lol

Original Poster

Thank's for all the replies, I'll send a few CV's around before the end of the month and hopefully hear something, if not I'll just go in person when I'm there.
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