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    Me and 5 other lasses are hitting Sheffield for a long weekend tommorrow.

    Just wanting some advice about the 'walking' conditions from anyone that lives there, really need to know if I should forget about my normal boots with heels and stick with flat dr martens for through the day???

    Is there snow there as well!!!




    Are you sticking to the city centre or hitting the peaks? Theres been quite a bit of snow there, its hilly anyway so I'd probably DM it...

    Comfy shoes with plenty of grip! Sheffield is really really hilly.
    I'm popping over there on Saturday to have a bash at the Sheffield Round Walk.
    Are you planning on going walking or clubbing?

    no snow today but its a bit slippery and wet
    i suggest wearing shoes that have some grip as said above, i've been sticking to my biker boots this week and yea sheffield is hilly so be prepared for that as well!

    Original Poster

    hmmmm we are basically hitting the pubs and thats about it!!

    It shouldn't be too bad if you're just hitting the pubs. I'm guesing you'll be going down West Street? The pubs are quite close together anyway and not the hilliest part of Sheffield. It might be a bit slushy and wet though.
    If you're into funky motown, indie and northern soul type mod music I would definitely recomend the O2 Academy on Saturday night. The nights called Brighton Beach. I might go myself.
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