shell announce profiits £4 BILLION a quarter !!!

Found 31st Jul 2008…stm

WTF ????...... checkout this for a p**s take.


Yeah no surprise.

Indeed, that's what happens when you blame rising oil prices from the source for petrol prices shooting up......yet you're the one pumping it out of the ground as well - it's win win for shell whatever happens with prices, plus they can always blame the taxman.

It's as bad as this:…stm £992m profit and still putting prices up 35%.

I really do think this country needs some better consumer protection laws to prevent profiteering, some definitions of what reasonable profit levels are would be a good start to stop them screwing us over.

BP did better.

Its absolutely discusting how these companies are making so much profit, yet charging customers more and more.
Why shouldn't they take a cut in profits when times are hard, just like we have to tighten our belts.

Greedy *******s

Let me get this right, Shell has made profits of 4 Billion Pounds in 3 months of trading this year?
Is it just me or does anyone else think the "world" as we call it is fcuked! How much do you think it would take to cloth,feed and shelter everyone in the world who lives below the poverty line? Seriously. Do you think 4,or say 8 Million Pounds is enough to supply everyone with fresh water and sanitation? Then WTF! How can we keep on living in a world where there are people starving to death every second of every minute of every hour of every day,when there are companies who are making so much money.
So if we could get the top 10 biggest companies in the world (I am guessing that Shell must be up there) to donate 3 months profits we could have 40 Billion Pounds to try and give millions of people a better standard of living. Why is no one doing this? Is it because we have Sky +? Or the latest Nokia? Or 2 weeks in the sun a year to eat drink and be merry? When did we all change our name to Jack? I for one am not alright. Every day it is getting harder for those of us in this country who don't have a big income,but even I feel physically sick when I here of companies like this making so much money and I want to do something and yet we just plod along like zombies allowing our brothers and sisters to starve to death while we turn on,tune in and veg out. What ever happened to the Heroes? We need a Revolution!
If we don't take a stand and unite, the new world order will just keep polluting our minds,draining our spirits,(and wallets) and sucking out every last penny and bit of life source that each one of us has...Was The Matrix real? Are we all just batteries,pods here to feed those who have more money and power than the rest of us. We need to seriously take a long hard look at ourselves...We are in the 4th cycle of Revelation. (it ties in with food and energy prices) There will be "seven years of tribulation" and I for one am starting to see it...
Remember being at school,did you ever have a day when the world was supposed to end. I remember some prophesy (probably in The Sun) of the world going to end and being in the playground. I think it was like 12:10pm on a Tuesday afternoon and we stopped playing football and looked up at the sky. Never happened. No doubt every generation has had this thought,or feeling or fear at some time in their life. But seriously,look around..... I remember listening to Bill Hicks when he said he used to get stoned all day and watch CNN. It would be "Fire,War,Floods,Pollution,Fire,War,death,Murder,Floods,Pollution" and he would look out the window and the sun would be shinning and the birds would be chirping away. So is it just to keep us rigid in fear. Is the world really a lovely glorious place where everyone is happy,and safe,and warm,or is it a wake up call? Are the cracks beginning to show? How long do you think we can keep going. So,the company that heats your home decides overnight to increase your costs by a third. Do we all just accept it? What has to happen before your average man in the street says ENOUGH!! Have our spirits been squashed so much that we will now just accept whatever is dished out to us? There is not enough places in our prisons to contain us if we unite and revolt!! lol.
Mark this date in your calender - Dec21 2012 and make sure you have made your peace with the Lord before then,or you at least have some spare batteries for the remote! :w00t:

I for one will be refusing to hand over 2p coins next time I hit £500.02 at a pump by mistake.


Let me get this right, Shell has made profits of 4 Billion Pounds in 3 … Let me get this right, Shell has made profits of 4 Billion Pounds in 3 months of trading this year?.................................................................................

I'm sure i would agree with you but can't bring myself to read all your post!
Any chance of putting it in paragraphs/sentences?!:thumbsup:
anyway, can we not get HUKD to start a revolution?
who knows how far it could go, surely everyones not happy with the way of the country/world



but most of the profits are not from uk petrol. The government can take the blame for that (far more than £4Billion each month, not quarter!).

And shell do pay tax on their profits. So not only do we pay about 70% of the pump price to the government, but any left for shell as profits gets taxed as well (so we pay three times - shells profits/fuel duty/vat).

it's all marketing so they can "go green" - get people to use less energy
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