Shelving for garage


    title says it all..... looking to for shelving for the back of the garage and obviously want to keep costs down.

    Any ideas of what type would be cheapest, but still be fit for purpose.

    Bear in mind also that I live in Northern Ireland, so that will rule out some companies who only delivery to mainland UK or rip off us NI folk with extortinate delivery costs.

    Thanks in advance,



    this looks ok not quite sure what you had in mind?

    Original Poster

    Thanks Caroline. Looks reasonably priced.

    Ideally I'd want to shelf from floor to ceiling, the whole way across the back of the garage, but cost will be a major consideration, so I'll keep your link handy.


    go to a local shop fittin supplies firm

    and ask them for warehouse shelving - thats the one i went to its in preston - but i just want to give u an example

    click on used shop fittings - and the top shelving there - i bought them for my basement

    they can hold i think half a ton of weight so they're very sturdy and if 6' is too high cuttin them off at the top is easily done as i did

    just ask for storage shelving - its worth askin if they have 2nd hand ones as they'll still be top notch.

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    [SIZE=2]Excellent mani, will contact sperrin metal and see how things go.[/SIZE]
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