Shepherd Costume for an Adult?!

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Found 17th Dec 2008
I have somehow been roped into dressing up as a shepherd at work for a Christmas competition we have going.

Anyone know how I can achieve this "look" using things around the house, like sheets and tea towels!!


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towel over the head?

Apparently it needs to be more than that - full on robe (well sheets) and crook. I draw the line at wearing a beard though. I have googled pics of shepherds from Christmas Carols but can't figure out how to "recreate the look" Lol!

dressing gown? with the t-towel?

make a crook with a couple of tubes from rolls of wrapping paper.

use cotton wool for beard

lamb under your arm? that would be a strong visual clue

The JFK;3792653

he's quite nice

Something a bit more imaginativety :giggle:


Something a bit more imaginativety :giggle:


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lamb under your arm? that would be a strong visual clue

You kid but there will be sheep (toys, not real!)

don't wear sandles, maybe wellies will be better

where is this happening? sounds a hoot?

reminds me of our local church doing a pet service in th summer during ecoweek

Go as Freddy Shepherd???

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Its a work thing. All of my team are dressing up as shepherds so can't get out of it (maybe I could be a sheep, not sure if that is worse though?)

Need to figure out my costume before Tuesday night as we are doing it on Wednesday. Might have to raid the airing cupboard to see what I can make use of!

it always used to be a bit of old striped sheet or any old plain sheet, folded in half and stiched, with gaps for arms and head, with dressing gown cord round the waist and a teatowel on the head with one of those stretchy headbands, You could also add an old shawl around your shoulders, anything a bit tatty on feet, old pump's sandle's ect Oh and a beared is a must :thumbsup:

The JFK;3792653

woot woo, wouldn't mind disrobing him:w00t::w00t:

wife got a smart price quilt cover from asda for about 3 and a half quid it was a brown and creame zebra stripe, bloody awful as a cover but made a great long robe thing for the sons school play, she just drew a quick shape then cut it out and because it was a quilt cover it cut the front and back out at the same time then quickly stitched it up on the machine it only took about half an hour
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