Sherwood Pines Forest Park

Posted 7th Aug 2020
Hi all, looking to head to Sherwood Pines Forest Park this weekend for a day of cycling.
Never been there before, does anyone have any recommendations on parking and what else is best out there?
Thanks in advance!
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Lots of parking at the park itself, and lots and lots of trails which you can easily get lost in, cafe which used to be quite good but other than that not much more to say, except bet it will be busy this weekend.
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Make sure you take a contactless card tho as they are not taking cash for car park
If it was anything like last week it was packed lots of parking availble has a goape inside also little adventure park for kids
If you get there early enough you can then go and see the Major Oak which is about 5 minutes away and is really nice and Newstead Abbey which is worth a visit and close by

i only live 2 miles away and sherwood pines is my local

their is the 3 route's green beginner , blue intermediate, red expert

the local bike shop on site is ok but very small and expensive. (e.g bike repair labor charge is £35 an hour lol) you can also hire basic bikes if you dont all have a bike

their is a low power jet wash at the cost of around £3 for 10 min's

make sure you have enough spare parts with you and you will be fine

the cafe is nice and the food is good but again expensive because of the tourist's

the toilets at sherwood pines have been locked for months since covid so just be aware

their is a Go Ape on site if you want to rope walk and climb trees ect...

the car park is huge but sorry i carnt tell you the parking prices because i bike it to and from

sherwood pines is only a few mins away from center parks and some of the bike routes will take you along the outer border
of center parks

as others have said its only 5 mins away from the robin hood / major oak tree but its around £5-7 to park but i havent been since last year. its a major tourist trap with it being the robin hood tree

hope this helps buddy and enjoy
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