Found 1st Aug 2010
I suffer from very painful shin splints when i play sport like cricket or football...

I have some compression socks but they haven't done anything to help.

Has anybody had any experiences themselves, and what did you do to overcome it?

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Amputate your shins.

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I have this aswell, mine only come from speed walking, so I either walk … I have this aswell, mine only come from speed walking, so I either walk normally or run and jog. The doctor told me to find what speed sets it off and then not do it.

Yeah i suffer from it then as,well. Especially on hard ground!


Amputate your shins.


I used to get them from running on concrete. I stopped running on concrete!

Don't think there's any magical cure tbh, apparently when they heal you're prone to them thereafter. Sorry.

I had them from running and was advised that I may need motion control shoes as over/underpronation can be a cause of shin splints. You could go to a running shop or specialist sports shop and get your gait checked. They can also be a result of doing too much too soon, ie. without having given your shins the time to adapt to the type of exercise you are doing.

Icing the area after exercise is a good idea.

Ultimately you will need to rest to give the area time to heal. Careful stretching/warm up/cool down can all help in this situation as well.

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Might try putting on some cool gel before the activity...
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