I suffer from this really bad and nothing seems to help it.

    Has anybody suffered from them? If so, what methods did you find useful in easing the pain?

    I've got compression socks for when I play Cricket but they don't help at all.



    These are real? oO


    Try different shoes, boots for instance.

    Original Poster

    I've tried about 4 different types of boots and the problem still continues...


    Oh well it's the only advice I had.
    I used to get then when I wore a certain pair of training shoes and walking up hill.It's bloody sore!

    Have you had your gait analysed in a running shop, for example?

    hey i feel your pain brother. i had them when i was a postie and as its not classed as "proper" injury i wasnt allowed time off work to the rest period my doctor told me. so i did a little digging on the internet and found the best solution - have a long warm bath, rub lotion ( not sure of the name i think iv still got some at home so will check but similar to deep heat but not as harsh) and then wrap tea towels round and put bags of ice on each leg. i know its a ball ache doing all theat but if u can rest for a day or two and do that your golden. hope it helps. husband had them for about 15 years (developed from running/tabbing in Army boots) and nothing else really made any difference

    Compression socks probably wont do much

    If you are prone to them you need to get your gait analysed and get fitted for sports shoes that suit you.

    If it hurts, Stop.
    Rest for a few weeks if you get them
    Try strengthening the muscles in the area maybe walka round on tiptoes, its easy to do when just around the house.

    Finally and this is another must.. go and see a sports therapist so they can properly assess you and give you exercises that suit you

    /removes sports scientist hat.
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