Shipping enthusiasts?

    I know this will be a super long shot BUT....

    I was with my grandad today and he dragged me to Leeds Library to get some information regarding some ships he'd seen. Tonnage and date of build etc.

    There were some that weren't in thhis particular book however si U was just wondering if anyone who has a similar interest has any idea of where to find this info out online...prefer if it would be a free source too.

    I know this sort of thing isn't to many people's tastes but I thought it was worth a try.

    Thanks in advance.


    Not quite what you asked but if you go to this site:
    when you click on a ship it often gives quite a few details about the ship

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    Asking for name of ship, date it was built, how much it weights (gross tonnage), what company it's owned by and where it was registered.

    Thank you for the website but it seems to have a very 'limited' info...


    i thought it said shopping enthusiasts

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    i thought it said shopping enthusiasts

    haha, that's more your scene?

    there are online databases but they are very expensive to access.

    the vessel particulars for a tanker are contained in a form called a 'Q88'. if you search in google for the vessel name and Q88 you may be lucky and the vessel operator may have put it online for marketing purposes.

    not many other simple or free options - try searching for the name of the ship together with 'owner' or 'operator', you may find something.

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    I've managed to get a couple from and various places.

    Alot easier to search the vessel via images then search the page the image comes from.

    Cheers for the help so far. Stuck on a couple though.

    Only managed to get 6.

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    Anyone else with some knowledge please?


    I have another name for shipping enthusiasts.

    I call them 'boring people'

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    Alright for the dig!!

    I did say it was for my Grandad....

    it's better than train spotting anyway.

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    I read that as stripping, I think I am tired.........disappointing thread.

    Only disappointing if you're a hussy...
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