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Found 15th Aug 2017
Ok, this is a bit beyond me, but my dad needs a large 300kg mechanical item shipping from China 2.5*1.2*0.9Mh. I've got in touch with the company direct for prices. They have advised they will only ship to a UK port and I will need to sort the rest.

So, can anyone advise exactly how this works. My dad does have equipment large enough to pickup/collect item but I guess it may be more cost effective to sort out a company to transport it, but what about customs etc and what would be the closest port to the Midlands area.

Can anyone give me any advice, I have no idea when it involves shipping huge items from China.
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would suggest you employ a clearance agent such as transglobal who can arrange clearance and onward shipping to you/or your father
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Thanks, I'm waiting for the company to provide a CNF price and then I guess it's contacting a range of shipping places to get it from possibly Felixstowe to my dad.
Try I've used them to ship barrels and large items to the caribbean but they operate worldwide. They're trust worthy and offer a great servce.

Alternatively, DHL ship from china to the UK but they're unlikely to be cheap.
Otherwise, you may need a 'freight forwarder'
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