Shipping to Australia

Does anyone know of any good, but hopefully cheap, companies that will ship some of my stuff to Australia?? We've not got too much stuff but i'd like somewhere that arranged collection and sorted out all the customs charges both here and abroad.



Give ]THESE GUYS a bash :thumbsup:
Let me know how you get on.

I've heard of these guys... excess-baggage.com/?gc…Fqg

Price can depend on how fast you want it - shipping by boat or plane. Ship is obviously longer and cheaper.

ah your joining the bandwagon too! lol my family and i are moving on the 22ndAugust to Aus, Since i have so much electrical equipment im not letting the chance off my stuff get lost. So going with Fedex on this one! Other side of the world alot of things could happen and dont wanna risk it. Though we did get a sweet deal on it as we have around 6-7 boxes lol! Good luck let us know how you get on

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What part you moving to?? We're in Melly to begin with. How much was it to ship via fedex if you dont mind me asking? We haven't got that much stuff to ship just mainly dvds and few clothes and other bits. Had quotes of 2-300 but don't think it'll cost that much cos we've just guessed as to how many boxes we need and think we're over estimating.
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