Shirts for the slim shorter fella advice please?

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I was hoping to get some advice on shirts fir. Im 5ft 10 and slim (10 stone). I used to be a small fit in my shirts, but now find that they seem to have gotten bigger in the chest and most of all have too much fabric at the back these last few years. The slim fits ive tried are much the same and tend t be too long in the arms and body as well than they used to be, but if I go for an extra small they are too tight.

Ideally im after advice from slim shorter folk (or there other half) that have found a brand thats nice and slim and not too long. I seem to have fallen between small and xtra small.

Burton is good but to baggy at the back, next too tight as extra small and almost a medium as a small fit. H&M are too long and baggy in small and too tight and long in extra small. Topman fit quite well in the muscle fit but are too long.

Ive tried most brands on the high street even tailor store online for a custom shirt, which cant get it right after 4 attempts (but thats because theyre rubbish). I am a normal size and not that short. 38 inch chest, 31inch waste.

If anyone has any advice please let me know.

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Have you had a look on Loads on there, my husband tends to get a lot of his clothes from there.
In my experience Hollister stuff is rather short in the body.
Money_Saving_Mum26 m ago

Have you had a look on Loads on there, my husband tends to get a …Have you had a look on Loads on there, my husband tends to get a lot of his clothes from there.

Yes, bit too long in the arms Im affraid. Used to be spot on. I think retailers have made things a bit bigger (including shoes) because a lot of things are sold online and people are less likely to return things if they are too big than too small. Just my opinion but Ive gone down a shoe size in the last few years as well. I havent shrunk lol. If I hold up any of my new shoes against some of the old ones, they are the same but different sizes. Same with shirts, only trosers have remained the same.
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MIDURIX7 m ago

In my experience Hollister stuff is rather short in the body.

I haven't tried them, was put off by the logo lol.

I will add them to my 'to try' list, thanks.
IamMT3 m ago


Thanks, but as I mentioned im the opening question, I tried them. Theyre too big in small and too tight in xs.
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IamMT2 m ago

Lose weight.

Theres not a lot to lose at 10 stone
Rive Island
shadowfall16 m ago

Rive Island

Thanks. I tried them (I should have said) they were suprisingly baggy on the back with the slim fits. Length was ok.
Ted Baker.
You need extra slim fit perhaps (not to be confused with xs). Either that or just go for short sleeve shirts. Problem solved.
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For work shirts try saville row company (online sales). Get quality shirts for, sometimes, less than Next, etc. Have options for shorter sleeves, etc. For casual wear, found Tokyo Laundry & Lambretta shirts & Polo's a smaller fit than most. Hope you come right.
I will second Hollister. Got some used good condition shirts off eBay for my tall skinny 14year old son (who’s 5‘10, waist 27, chest 34”) to try the fit. Since then I’ve bought him a Hollister coat which seems to be skinny fit in the body but still the correct arm and body length. Usually the logo is shown rather than the word Hollister
Ted Baker is also a good call, look in places like House of Fraser menswear section as they also are very good for the tailored fit look. He likes buying in there as the sales assistants are very helpful and make good suggestions to fit his frame.
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Marks and Spencer children's school shirts are an option. My sons were wearing them when 6ft+ no problem and one son was a slim fit too so worth a look. Don't rule the kids department out just because of your age, lots go up to age 16 which can be a small to medium man.

I used to get them in white and a multi pack for the same price as a single adult one,

They also did blue if that helps. Sadly BHS has gone, they too were great for school shirts in multiple colours, sizes and fits.
Thanks everyone.
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