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Store bans staff wearing poppies
Wigan Council veterans who have been upset by the ban
Local veterans are 'hurt and confused' by the ban

War veterans have expressed their fury at a toiletries store in Wigan which has banned its members of staff from wearing poppies.

Bodycare in The Galleries threatened one member of staff with disciplinary proceedings if she did not remove the emblem from her uniform.

Wigan Borough Veterans' Council said it was a "disgrace" not to support the country's fallen and injured heroes.

A spokeswoman for the national chain refused to comment about its policy.

Des White, chairman of the veterans' council, said many members had been affected by the store's decision.

He said: "We have 400 members across the town and the phone has been going non-stop since the poppy ban was revealed.

It's not just about raising money it's about people remembering what those fighting have done for this country
Des White
Wigan Borough Veterans' Council

"Many are hurt, confused and really angry about this decision. I rang the shop yesterday and asked why the staff couldn't wear the poppies.

"I was told the pin would damage their uniform. I even offered to send the company poppies with a magnetic clip so as not to damage their tabards.

"They refused, saying it was their policy not to allow any staff to wear any badge relating to any charity."

Wigan Borough Veterans' Council caters for ex-soldiers of all ages, offering them support, advice and giving them the chance to re-engage with life back home.

Mr White added: "Our lads need all the help they can get, it's not just about raising money it's about people remembering what those fighting have done for this country.

"Some are coming back from Afghanistan and choosing to sleep in tents in fields around the town rather than sleep back home, it has a great effect on their lives and mindset."

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i buy a poppy everytime i see someone selling them coz i always lose the blimmin things lol

i have one on my car aswell

bad show from the company

That is absurd !!

Sad, Shame on them, Their policy clearly sucks.

i would like to stick the pin into the Managing Director.
What is this country coming to. I feel totally ashamed and its nothing to do with me.

That's it. From now on it is Semi-Chem for my cheap toiletries. A shocking state of affairs. I can understand the shop not wanting to have staff coverd in charity stuff but poppies are more than a charity badge. They are a reminding of the horrors of war and the bravery of those who gave and still give their lives for our country regardless if you think our presence in Irag & Afganistan is wrong.


Mountain out of a molehill. Embarrassing that it's the second most read story on the BBC website.
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