Posted 27th Dec 2019
Absolutely shocking customer service
Had a booking at 12 for a bike rack to be fitted so was booked in 12-12.30 so me and the two kids arrive at 11.50 drop car off and came back at 12.30 to see car still parked up with no bike rack. As we look around another person is having a bike rack fitted and they was booked in for 11.30 however they arrived late and wasn't even there when we dropped our car off at 11.50. Our 2 year old was getting restless as you can imagine so we said listen this isn't acceptable give us our keys back and we will go elsewhere and to the amusement of the staff at the tills it was all very funny for them for some strange reason. Keys was handed back to us with no apology from the 4 staff at the tills and it's right up there with worst customer service I've experienced

I called Halfords customer service to complain about the store and they said they would call the store to speak to the manager and for me to expect a call back today with at least an apology and of course we didn't receive no call

Anything else I can try?

I don't want them to get away with how bad the customer service was
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