Found 30th Aug 2009
A chap who has led a very sheltered upbringing is sent to jail for 3 weeks for not paying his council tax,he is absolutely bricking it,and it appears his worst nightmare has come true when the warders put him in a cell with a huge tattooed monster.

To his surprise,his cellmate is very civil,showing him where the library and canteen are and explaining the ropes,so the chap begins to think the 3 weeks may not be so bad after all.

Come lights out though,and the cell door being locked,a voice comes from across the cell.
"right,wee man,you and me are gonna have ourselves a game of mummies and daddies-which do you want to be?"

The chap is terrified now,but realising he has no choice in the matter decides it is better to be the one dishing it out,rather than the one taking it.-"i'll be daddy" he says.

"alright,daddy-get over here and suck mummys c***!"

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thats sick.....

joke was vile too 0/10 for effort

Joke was a failure beyond word's







what the hell?

thats not a joke theres no punchline it does sound like your experience tho

lol i liked it


I don't get it!!! Please explain?


poor attempt at humor !
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