Posted 21st Dec 2022
Can you please suggest shoes for over-pronation. I have a pair of Asics Kayano 25 but colour is shiny blue and they seem to be ok but not great. I use it for gym. Looking for black but prices of latest Kayano 29 are out of my reach - £175. Looking for some alternatives.
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    I like ultraboost ST. Most brands have "support" shoes.
    Think the Saucony Hurricane are well thought of.
    If you like ASICS try an outlet store like the one in York or don't get the latest model look for 23s or 24s.
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    There’s are some kayano 28s available on the ASICS outlet website, cheapest colourways doesn’t have much sizes left though (and still £80+)
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    If you look on sportsshoes website, they will take you through a guide and then show you all available options…er/
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    You could try changing the insoles to some that are made for overpronators or custom ones. They are not cheap but it made a big difference for me. (edited)
    Agree with this. I paid a decent sum for some Adidas stability trainers but I've never been able to go over 2 miles in them (indoor or outdoor) without getting shin splints.

    Whereas my "race day" New Balance are neutral but have a £20 pair of insoles in and I've been able to do a half marathon 
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    You need shoes with zero drop, barefoot. Like Vivobarefoot, Lems etc.
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    I have the Kayano 24 which cost £150 at the time and I find them not great for overpronation imho.
    I agree that a good pair of orthotic insoles can make a massive difference.
    If you can afford it and if there are some in your area, some specialist sports stores offer a service whereby they measure and analyse your feet and recommend shoes/insoles accordingly.
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    Definitely recommend a pair of brooks addiction, beast or adrenaline. Got my last pair for £76 with a discount code. They have some which are all black. My feet overpronate massively and brooks are by far the best that I've used.
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    Thank you all for your valuable advice
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