Shoes in odd sizes?

    Hey guys!!

    I have always known one foot was quite a bit bigger than the other... making getting shoes to fit a nightmare - always having to have laces, then they hurt where they rub when too big/small etc. However got my feet properly measured in a shop the other day and yep, they are a whole SIZE different. One is a perfect 5 the other a perfect 4.... Anyone know any online shops that ship shoes as odd sizes?? Does such thing exist? Had a looksee and couldn't see anything.

    I'm a girl... and I am just longing to be able to wear nice fashionable shoes rather just whatever I can get to sort of fit... I have MAJOR shoe envy!! hehe.


    i know clarks used to od it for free least for kiddies, i think now they charge 50% for the 2nd 1. I wrote and told them they should only offer a select range and keep on database what shops have mixed sized pairs to save wastage but never got reply

    A place called discount sports regularly has odd pairing out for a fraction of the price. Don't know if there are any near you and not much help if you want some strappy sandles! Some nice trainers though.

    Aww thats a pitty, I'm a 4 in one foot but 4.5 in other, if we were that bit more similar we could have bought a pair each and swapped one. Weird though I seem ok with heels but notice it more when I wear trainers.

    Buy a pair in one of the sizes and get a friend to buy the other size, make the correct pair for you out of the two and take the other two back saying they gave you odd sizes ask for a refund saying you urgently needed new ones and got some elsewhere as their store was too far to you to return them immediately or they was supposed to be for a special occasion.

    Of course this method is dishonest so I do not condone (thats me off the hook now)

    You should start a forum. Could see a business springing from it too

    Original Poster

    thanks folks...

    never thought of that "trick" of getting them in 2 different sizes then taking the odd ones I didn't back... :L Doubt I'd have the guts to try it tho! I have however taken odd ones to shop counters before when both shoes (L + R) are available, but the darn assistants ALWAYS notice! Then I am forced to buy 2 the same.

    I'm also really short, like a smudge under 5ft and getting trousers to fit is also a nightmare. I've always wanted to open up a shop that did ODD sized shoes... and womens trousers/jeans etc that came by WAIST and LEG LENGTH like guys jeans do! I can't be the only woman who thinks that would soooo much easier on all womenkind? I'm jealous of guys who can just go in a shop and pick up jeans/trews and KNOW they'll fit coz of that labelling.

    Louise x

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