Shooting at USA School :(

    14 year old student, rumoured to have been expelled from school in Ohia kills himself and injured others…stm Source BBC


    He didnt kill anyone else- just injured 4 [another injured herself fleeing].

    Its shocking yet this is the real world we live in.


    what again? didnt we have one similar to this recently?:-(

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    Sorry T0mm.
    Am listening to [email protected] and have mis-heard, apologies, i'll edit OP


    what again? didnt we have one similar to this recently?:-(

    Give 'em a right to bear arms and look what happens. A right no one can take away, or they're faced by a load of angry people... with guns.

    :-( I hope they all recover well.

    Too much distance between us and America for me to care. It's there own fault for being allowed access to guns as easily as Americans are.

    I find it more distressing when hearing about the amounts that die in third world countries.

    Gun culture at it's worst. And it'll only get worse with the popularity of idiots who praise guns in ****** songs. I feel sorry for the injured but I feel sorry for the shooter, he obviously got caught up in the wrong stuff and ended up dead.
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