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    Might be really, really easy but can somebody tell me how i can use my £98.87 Shop 'n' Save reward with EmpireStores? I don't have an outstanding balance and want to cancel my account but if i have nearly £100 Shop 'n' Save i may as well use them if i can.

    Thanks in Advanced.


    You can take it in cash if you prefer not to order something with it,you get less cash though

    Actually looking at the terms you might have to be 'diamond' to take it in cash

    You must use Shop 'n' Save rewards within two years. Customers within the Diamond 15% band have an option to exchange Shop 'n' Save rewards for 10% cashback - for every £3 reward claimed you will receive £2 cash.

    Minimum claim for cash is £15 reward, i.e. £10 cash value. Minimum claim for use as an account balance reduction is £3 reward , i.e. £2 against your account balance.

    We reserve the right to: amend the scheme at any time without notice and to close the scheme without notice. Full terms and conditions (and any variations) are available on our website [url][/url]

    To use your Shop 'n' Save reward, simply call us on 0844 842 1111

    If your going to take it in goods just choose your things then at checkout it will show an option to use shop and save rewards to pay for it

    If you want to buy something with the money then just add it to basket and at the checkout it gives you the option of paying with your shop and save money. You can also use a voucher too eg 15% off which will give you better value for your money
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