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    Has anyone had a direct debit set up from this company without knowing ?

    iv had £8 taken out of my account and i cant think what on earth it could be:?

    iv looked at my direct debits but its not on there


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    I just phoned them and it was that bloomin LED american that i bought Screen protectors from.

    I never signed up for anything !

    CANCELLED straight away !!

    Me to !?!??! the swines !!!

    looks like more people have been duped ;…tml

    Just phone your bank and complain and get then to cancel and refund

    Me too took 10 quid out of mine ain't got a clue why I havnt bought anything so bad imagine the people who don't know and the money they have slammed off people

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    Jesus talk about an old thread lol


    Jesus talk about an old thread lol

    I was just about to post that link above to help you out

    Haha I read it and thought wonder why he hasn't asked me about this. Then noticed the date. lol
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