Shopkeeper 'placed in trance by hypnotist' during theft in north London

    Amazing...cannot believe someone could hypnotise someone so quickly without the victim being aware...

    A “hypnotist thief” apparently put the owner of an upmarket off-licence in a trance before rifling through his trouser pockets and stealing the day’s takings.

    Friends today said Aftab Haider, 56, the owner of independent wine merchants Hops and Pops in Highgate, north London, was “stunned” by the theft of hundreds of pounds in cash.

    The raid mirrors techniques used as entertainment by street magicians and is the first time its use in crime has been captured on CCTV in the UK.


    Insurance scam?

    A few seconds later, the suspect made a stabbing gesture with his right … A few seconds later, the suspect made a stabbing gesture with his right hand at eye-level which appeared to leave Mr Haider, known as Aziz, mesmerised.

    Don't you dare move or resist, otherwise I'll stab you in the eye.

    *Victim stands still*

    Looks like a tall version of Messi, Or maybe I've been playing too much FIFA.


    Link Hypnotist thief

    Was this the one on Crime watch?

    When I read the title I thought times had got tough for derren brown X)


    Link Hypnotist thief

    not unlike footage of a pick-pocket working on a drunk at a bus stop, shown on TV on a documentary about pick-pockets working on the London transport network. They said the one's from Chile are the most skilled, trained from childhood, they have to dip into pockets containing razor blades..


    A Muslim selling alcohol...

    Me and my hypnotist wife have just split up.When I told her I was keeping the house, I expected all manner of trouble from her, but there wasn't any. Not one bit..

    I don't need her anyway, I'm perfectly happy in my coop, scratching for corn.
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