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    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone here had signed up with

    I just have and they said they would send me £15 in the post, has anyone got one of these???



    I signed up with these after buying something on an online pet shop. Said I would get £15 off my next purchase.

    I bought a new hamster cage.

    They sent a cheque and I cancelled my subscription via telephone. Easy as that!

    Original Poster

    Great thanks for that! I look forward to the cash!

    Just beware that if you do not cancel your membership before the 30 day trial period, they will take £10 per month from your account. I was caught this way. I only realised after the fourth time they debited my account. It wasn't made clear at all that you are signing up for a subscription service, so it is very misleading. I suppose I should have read the t & c's in their entirety, but how many people do that?

    Yes be careful about the subscription fee which many people do not notice they are signed up for. Their parent company Web Loyalty has settled on a class action suit about this in the US and there is also currently a Senate hearing on their business practices.
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